I didn’t know that they had moved the goal posts.  After having my super special chestnut cream birthday cake two weeks ago, I took it for granted that I am now eligible for a free bus pass.  Not that I care.  I ain’t going anywhere.  But that signifies a definitive phase of life, a proud announcement even the standup comedians love to make a song and dance about.  Then I found out  the law has changed.  The government has an online calculator to help people determine the exact date.  I still have another 2 years, 7 months and 25 days to wait.  How disappointing.  Now I wonder what the comedians will have to say.

Don’t blame me for staying put, and not venturing out.  I am living in my comfort zone, have no intention of leaving it any time soon.  Before doing anything, going anywhere, I need to know when, where, how.  Completely taking the fun out of it.   I know.   But then again, I already have my fair share of adventure in my youthful days.   18 days Outward Bound Course on a sailing boat to the Philippines; 40 days on a Eurail Pass travelling across the Continent; and a lifelong commitment leaving friends and family behind to build a home across the miles on the green and pleasant Land.  So, there.

There is no excuse, though, for not doing anything with a bit of wind, rain and snow.   Or anticipated hassles. 

Define hassles.
–  Out of the way route;
–  Traffic jam;
–  Too busy on a school holiday…….

Sound lame, doesn’t it?  For not engaging in life any more.  Not taking interest in, what, just about everything.  How does this happen?   When and where does the youthful spirit get lost on the way?  Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  Really?  Just sit here with a cup of tea?

Maybe I’ll go to the library to look for that motivational book: Get Off Your Arse (GOYA), highest rated on Amazon in 2009.  I don’t think they have it in large print.  But with my eyes hopefully improving, I could  find some enlightenment while waiting for the free bus pass to arrive.


M&M (mean & miserable)

I had quite a scare ten days ago.  Flashing light and a sudden onset of floaters in my left eye sent me straight to Eye Casualty.  The Consultant commended my quick reaction.  He found two retinal tears and gave me laser treatment there and then, hopefully to stop a detachment.

Doctor’s order :  no bending down, no gardening, no lifting of heavy objects.  Just rest the eye.

No need to ban me from the computer, I cannot focus, I cannot read.  Unless I just use my good eye.  That would be silly, you think?  To strain the remaining good eyesight?   The temptation is there…

I always thought (who didn’t?) that there was time, that things could wait and I’d do it tomorrow.   So.  Now, A Tale of Two Cities is on the bookshelf.   My daughter just discovered John le Carre and recommended that I should read him too.

I should.  I should be good, patient and give it time to heal.  Especially now I am so well pampered.  All the cooking and gardening are being taken care of.  Just rest.

Alright, I relax, listen to the golden oldies.  This is the way to curb my restlessness, and frustration, and unspoken fear, I hear you say.

        “Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again”

WHAT?   asdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiop  WHO WOULD DO THAT?

Let’s make sure.  I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again, AND I ask you to tell me that you’ll wait for me.

Will you?

This is one of my favourites.  I remember the words.  But for the first time, with my eyes closed, I heard the nonsense, stupid, selfish asking…. What am I going to do with myself?  I even get upset by listening to a song.

I am so mean and miserable I could cry.

We are off to the seaside

Off to a long weekend break.  Nice.   Summer is finally here.

B&B booked.  Local Tourist Information checked for things to do, places to eat.  Directions googled. 

One digression.  Did I hear, Tom Tom, Sat Nav?   Sorry.  That is a big NO NO.   Don’t get me wrong, we do like the convenience of modern technology.   Yesterday there was a power cut, I worried more about not able to getting online than missing my cuppa.   Google Route Planner we have come to rely on.   But someone actually telling us where to turn and lead us to a dead end or a cliff?   Thanks but no thanks.  It did happen you know, when we were in our friends’ car cruising along, suddenly onto a no through road.   I am old-fashioned, still suspicious in trusting my life one hundred percent to some trendy device, with an annoyingly trying-to-be-friendly-voice.

Back to packing.  Overnight bag; suncream; medicine box with paracetamol/antihistamine/Strefen/Sudafed; water bottles…  I haven’t forgotten about the sun hat, but I am not wearing one, am I?   I’ll take a scarf.  It is not going to rain, hopefully.   Even with the forecast, let’s put another tee shirt and a spare pair of jeans in, just in case.

Oh, don’t forget to check the tyres.  It is not far.  Only a hundred miles or so.  Rather be safe than sorry.   Also, a small cool bag with chocolate bars, crisps and Coke.   Remember that one time we got stuck on the motorway, a four hour journey turned to seven?   People opened their doors and had a picnic right on M6, under the midday sun.

Where is the list?

  • Water plants (ticked)
  • Turn off computer/TV (ticked)
  • Immersion heater off (ticked)
  • Cooker — 6 knobs – off off off off off off

Of course the fridge is to stay on, we always trust the fridge.   Anything else?  Alright, once over, room to room.   Twice over.

Ready?  Let’s hit the road.   We are off to the seaside; ice cream in cones, candy floss on your nose….

What now?   Have we locked the downstairs windows….?