I read, I like, I share (13) : Richard Feynman

“You say you are a nameless man.  

You are not to your wife and to your child.  

You will not long remain so to your immediate colleagues if you can answer their simple questions when they come into your office.  

You are not nameless to me.  

Do not remain nameless to yourself — it is too sad a way to be.  

Know your place in the world and evaluate yourself fairly, not in terms of the naive ideals of your own youth, nor in terms of what you erroneously imagine your teacher’s ideals are.”

— Richard Feynman


Thought of the day:

Nor in terms of your parents’.  Don’t you agree?

It is easy to say, know your place and the world is your oyster.   But the world, like the weather, has not been kind lately.    There are high wind and storms, flooded homes, immersed fields, broken railway links, impassable roads, despair and helplessness.   There are wars, conflicts, injustice, censorship, ill wind for speech and press freedom.   Is it safer to remain nameless?

Is it?

Need a bit of soul searching?

The world will only be a better place if …… (please fill in the blank)


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