“This mess is a place”

I hate four letter words

It was a desk ornament I found in the gift shop.  I showed the lady next to me, and she read it out loud.  We looked at each other and had a very good laugh.  Then she joyfully told her companion.  They had fun too.

If only I could put my thoughts down like that!   Simple.

Today I rest
Tomorrow I dust

Now you have probably realised that I am not talking about clever fridge magnets nor desk ornaments.  The other three words, Cook, Iron, Wash, I can do nothing about them but keep calm and carry on.

But Dust! 

I hate it.  I do not wish to have anything to do with it.  I leave it alone.

Imagine my house proud neighbours. 

I seriously need some visitors.  Soon.


2 thoughts on ““This mess is a place”

  1. My friend, Mr. Thoreau’s Journal: 15-Sep-1856
    “Sophia says, bringing company into my sanctum, by way of apology, that I regard the dust on my furniture like the bloom on fruits, not to be swept off. Which reminds me that the bloom on fruits and stems is the only dust which settles on Nature’s furniture.”

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